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A Salon Studio At Halloween

By October 17, 2019Blog

Salon Studio Halloween makeup looks done with personal makeup or by an artist.

With Halloween just right around the corner, its time to start planning for your most excellent costume and show off your astounding makeup abilities! If you find yourself having to produce a last-minute Halloween inspiration, keep reading this blog. And we will provide you a few beautifully simple costumes with the “what you will need list.”

With a few things like a set of black cat ears black liquid eyeliner, black lipstick, and a black makeup crayon you can create a classic cat look. Optional purchase is a pair of cat-eye colored contacts to bringing basic to greatest complete look.  The classic cat look is a great go-to in a pinch if you just can’t come up with or didn’t have time to plan a costume.

For the Phenomenal Cat Look

Book with your local esthetician in her private salon studio. The first step to achieving the cat look do your makeup for a regular night out. Then you will want to apply a cat eyeliner or do a smoky black eye. The next thing is to trace the edge of your nostril shape with the black makeup crayon. Next, is whiskers this is done by taking the black makeup crayon and making lines on the cheek. The last thing is to take black lipstick and draw on the top lip only. Finished! Throw on the set of cat ears. And optional cat eye contacts to complete the look.

If you usually don’t do dramatic makeup, this is where you are coming to a salon studio suite to see a makeup artist will pay-off.  Chances are most of the makeup artist/estheticians will be set up in the personal salon suite with all the makings to make any Halloween costume come alive.

Still popular and a favorite the Sugar Skull

  • The popularity of this Halloween look is due to the many different sugar skull looks you can achieve with vary range of difficulty. For an easy one you will need:
  •        Black gel eyeliner
  •        Black costume makeup
  •        Concealer
  •        Dark or Navy eyeshadow
  •        Grey eyeshadow
  •        False lashes

We will be detailing how to do an effortless sugar skull look. Do your face makeup as you would normally. The cheekbones will be contoured with the grey shadow. Next, apply dark or Navy shadow on eyelids, creases, and under the eye to create the sunk-in look. Black eyeliner will be used to line the waterlines of lower lids, creating a complete blacked out eye. Adding false eyelashes will create a more dramatic effect. Now for the mouth – apply to concealer on your lips, keep them closed, and use the black gel eyeliner to draw vertical lines across both lips. The last thing to complete the look is to paint the nose. Using the black costume makeup paint a triangle to the tip and splitting the top point into two points then repeat the two points below the triangle between the nostrils.  If you want a more detailed design contact a makeup artist at salon suites Bedford, which is just one of our 9 locations.

What is are salon studio suites?

Great question? These are referred to as mini salons where professional beauty lease when want to own and operate their salon business. You can find all kinds of beauty trade professionals such as estheticians, massage therapist, and hairstylist. These professionals and many more can be located at salons in Arlington, Grapevine, Arlington, and Fort Worth.

If you contact us at 972-691-7300 and speak with someone, we can connect you with a makeup artist.