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The October Salon Suite

By October 24, 2019Blog
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The month of October brings to the salon suite of make-up artists’ palette hues of rust, gold, and greens marking those fall days are coming.  The other fun thing that happens on this great month for the make-up artist is Halloween, costumes, make-up, and the creations of the perfect masked face.

Halloween was the best holiday of the year for the youth and grownups alike, why? You ask it’s because you could dress up like goblins, witches, monsters, and other costumes with All with the anticipation of getting treats for the effort of coming up with the great costumes. Trick or Treaters would go through the neighborhood asking for the sweets treats. They are walking from house to house, knocking on the doors, or ring the bells with the excitement of getting the best candy treats.  Wearing the make-up artistry of the salon and suites professionals made them feel unique and special. It felt like they had their costumes and masks customized in Hollywood by celebrity artists for their big debut in a horror movie.

All fun would continue when the anticipated time for trick or treat would begin. With all the ringing doorbells, doors were opening and getting to say the words as old as the holiday “Trick or Treat”  excitement.  Then treaters were allowed to reach in or having the adult at the door reach in the bowl of goodies and then put in your bag that you would carry.  There would be ever so often the trick when a ghoul answered the door with scary make-up or mask, which frightened the treaters.  Causing the treaters all to shriek and run away without getting the treats for some of the brave ones hanging around was worth the reward for the biggest and best was awaiting the fright.

Let’s not forget about the adult fun, in costume parties.  These have the best “Trick or Treat” rewards with a costume contest. Yes, you will find prizes as well as cash prizes for the awards of taking the time to plan and execute (no joke about it) the perfect costume.

The smartest thing this year will bring is that salon chair rental hairstylists, nail booth rental technicians, and make-up artists, will be found all in one location.  How?  You ask, well let us tell you.  We are Salon and Spa galleria. A business set up to assist beauty professionals in opening up their mini salon.  For the salon studio professional and clients alike, the amazingness of this business concept is convenience. When you are trying to get ready for the Halloween mask make-up and hairdo with concept nail art to match or make the costume, Get all of it done in one place.  How great is that? No more tricks are running from one professional salon to another.  It is all treats, walk-in as ordinary, then walk-out Halloween extraordinary, all of accomplished at one location.

Get to it, find a salon suites location, schedule up the hairdresser, make-up artist and nail technician to make that fantasy or frightening look come alive.  Or contact the concierge @ 972-691-7300 for assistance in getting the perfect salon owners scheduled for a Halloween tour.