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Bring The Beauty Salon Suites Heat

By August 20, 2020Salon Spa Blog

Here are the beauty salon suites hottest thermal styling questions answered.

A blowdryer is an extension of a hand, for most stylists. A third appendage could possibly be a straightening iron. Hairstyling masters having a marriage-like relationship with their thermal tools is no secret. What do you truly know about these suite heat helpers?

Bringing you the latest on heat styling and the tools that make it possible, we have chosen five hot topics:  We will cover a couple of the topics over several weeks.

Heated Topic #1

The Stance Advance

Let’s face it; your heat tools don’t move themselves. Your career life will be determined by proper body positioning. Precise positioning can make the difference between longevity and solid or cut short by pains and conditions.  Think about the last time you left your booth rental salon with backaches and no energy. Have you ever thought the wrong stance could affect your quality of life?  If the answer is yes, then it’s time you change your movement methods and way you stand.

Here’s a methodology that worked for other professionals. By shifting your focus to your stance and paying attention to the most substantial part of your body will put you on the right track in correcting any ailments. The legs are the strongest of your body by taking an athletic approach, by widening your stance, place feet shoulder-width apart and soften the knees to an unlock position will start to alleviate those chronic issues with knees and back. Save the neck from the forward thrust muscle strain by placing your dominant side at a tilted 45 degrees to your client’s hair.

Just know the salon rental rotator cuff is known to be the most prone to injury. The shoulder body group is always actively engaged with continuous elevations of the arm when drying clients’ hair. The relief to this injury-prone body spot is to start dropping your elbows and remember the chair can be lowered.  Be intentional about your body-conscious positioning, all the way down to proper handling the blowdryer. A simple change in handling the blowdryer, using the handle instead of the nozzle while drying clients’ hair, combats carpal tunnel.  As the saying goes, “You only have one body, so take care of it.”

Heated Topic #2

Made For Man Hair Salon

The evolving complexity of men’s hairstyles, have the owners developing progressive comfortability in using the array of products required to maintain the stylish hair. Many men still consider the blowdryer as a means of drying off without a towel, just saying. This tool becomes taboo to men’s fear of not understanding. Men also give this beneficial gizmo a stigma association to females like their mother, wives or girlfriends. There are many reasons for the awkwardness of using this tool. It is undisputable many men’s styles finish, would benefit from this thermal gizmo.

Many professional salon and suites owners would recommend using terms and statements. Many professional salons and suites owners, when dealing with male clients, would recommend using words and statements that arouse a sense of manliness, keywords like personalized/tailored, robust/strong, and fresh/clean. Keep the conversation centered on his distinctive angle. Keeping in mind that women are impulse shoppers, and men buy because he needs it.

Let us provide a process for the blowdry shy guy. It’s merely five steps:

What: Decipher the tool – a quick lesson on how to use can ease anxieties.

Why: Factor the reasons – explain how using the dyer logical sense, like for the particular hairstyle, etc.

How: When complete explanations, then show. Place the dryer in the hands give a sense of ownership

Individual touch: Share quickly a testimony as to why you love blowdryers.

Masterful Advice: Always speak with authority and knowledge when recommending.

Again and Again, men look for the expert when making a purchase. Stay tuned for the next 3 Heated Topics in our next article.

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