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Earn Top Dollar in a Salon Suite Rental

By May 5, 2022Salon Spa Blog
salon suite rental in Fort Worth

The title of this article says it all: you can earn top dollar in a salon suite rental.

With that statement comes a second statement, also true: you will never maximize your earnings, or reach your true earnings potential, working for someone else in a beauty salon.

We will now proceed to prove to you the veracity of those two statements.

We are Salon & Spa Galleria, rocking the Fort Worth beauty scene with seventeen salon suite rental agency locations. Call us at 972-691-7300 for more details.  But, first, read this article and find out why you need to consider a salon room rental or salon booth rental.

Why a beauty salon is a dead end for you

The scenario we are about to describe to you is a scenario which has played out, across America, since the dawning of the 20th Century.

Some entrepreneur rents a retail location and opens up a beauty salon. That beauty salon has multiple work stations, and those work stations are manned by either salon employees, or independent contractors who rent the work station from the beauty salon owner.

The people doing all the work, the actual hair stylists, nail specialists, facial experts, are paid a commission, usually in the 40% range.  This means for every $100 that hair stylists brings into the beauty salon, $40 goes to the person actually providing the service, and $60 goes to the hair salon owner, who provides the location.

Now, let’s say the salon employee works a thirty-hour week, about average for the beauty industry, and he/she averages, in commissions, $40 per hour. That computes to a $1,200 week, or a $4,800 month.  Not bad!  Not bad at all.  However, that is the absolute most that can be expected in earnings. The employee is locked into the 40% commission. There are only so many hours they are allowed to work at their station.  No matter who popular they are to clients, and no matter who talented they are, they will never make more than $4,8000 per month and, as we are about to point out, that is nowhere near their maximum earnings potential.

Why a salon suite rental unchains your harnessed earnings potential

Now, consider the scenario of a talented beauty specialist who rents a salon room rental from a place like Salon & Spa Galleria.

The salon studio costs as low as $75 per week, or $300 per month.  Almost all secondary costs, like utilities, like WiFi, like web page, are included in that cost.  They are free to work as many hours as they want, 24/7 if they prefer. They own their business. They pay nothing else to anyone else.

Using the previous scenario, thirty hours, keeping all profits, not just 40%, that independent business owner is now making $100 per hour, $3,000 per week, $12,000 per month, and there is no ceiling on the future.

So inexpensive literally anyone can afford to rent a salon suite

This is one of those situations which sounds too good to be true, but we promise it isn’t. We see it playing out daily in our seventeen locations.  For as little as $75 per week, you could run your own business from a salon suite rental.  All you need is a business license, some insurance, and a will to succeed. We have had clients start-up a business for as little as $500, and open their doors for business, literally, within a week of signing a rental contract with us.

Which leaves us with only one logical question: why don’t all beauty professionals do this? Why do any of them work in a beauty salon owned by someone else?

A final word about a Salon & Spa Galleria salon suite rental

Don’t just take our word for it. Do the research. Call around. Talk to current clients at Salon & Spa Galleria.  And, if you don’t live in Fort Worth, and you don’t have a similar opportunity in your city, we submit to you that a move to Fort Worth just might be financially viable for you.

We are locally owned and operated, and we are planning more location openings soon.  Remember the name: Salon & Spa Galleria.  We are the future in the Fort Worth beauty industry, and we want you on our team. Call us today!