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How To Find Salon Suites Renting Near Me

By August 29, 2019Blog
a hair salon suite

Thinking about how salon suites renting could fit into the fantasy of becoming your own boss. Well, Salon and Spa Galleria has got you covered. We have fashioned the essential salon suites for beauty professionals.

Are you looking to break away from the standard and do something unlike the ordinary? Brew a pot of coffee or a cup of tea and plan on doing a bit of reading. We have done the research and if you have questions left unanswered then call us at 972-691-7300, and we can answer those questions.

Understanding a salon suite rental

So you have lain awake at night thinking about it, daydreamed and fantasized for seems like days. The days have into months now. Act now, so it doesn’t turn into years your adventure in the world of a suite life needs to take flight. Grow wings so you can soar at the chance to becoming a salon suite rental business owner.

Shaping the perfect business as an independent contractor has its own scary transitions. Some of the pros are it’s a chance to operate your private suite as a business owner, create your impeccable business, and control your salon business your way. Dreams come true… And if those pesky overwhelming pack of awkward transitioning thoughts enters into your head, just keep repeating, “I am a business owner.” And if those annoying transitions will seem like they didn’t exist.

Such great news! The research is done for you

Salon Suite, or know as a mini salon, allows the beauty industry professionals to own their own salon with no expenses, overhead, or risks that come with owning/leasing the entire building. Let’s break this down, so essentially salon suite lease is a room space rented from a property owner (landlord) and the business within the area is your and under your management to run as you want, though the room belongs to someone else.

Got it? Great let’s move on

A landlord like Salon and Spa Galleria would manage the building’s maintenance, for repairs, prepping the salon suite for lease, and up keeping the beautiful property.

We don’t want you to get confused about the terms “salon suites near me for rent” and “salon booth rental” they are very different though they do sound alike. Salon Booth rental is simply put paying someone to rent a space within someone else’s salon.

What makes sense?

Not having to share revenue again, yes this doesn’t make sense. Something else that makes sense is keeping 100% of the profits when renting a salon suite.

Salon and Spa Galleria’s salon suites for rent in fort worth is a sense-making decision, why? Do you ask because our leases start as low as $50, you read right. That price can be found at any of our 9 locations in Tarrant County. Think about it a low startup cost of $50, and you are a business owner.

How do I get started, you ask? Well, you start by calling 972-691-7300 and talking to the concierge, who will kindly schedule a tour and set up a meeting with the salon manager.

So easy right, then why haven’t you picked up the phone?