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Hulen Salon Suites

By December 2, 2020Salon Suites
rent a salon suite at Salon and Spa Galleria

Hulen salon suites are available for rent at Salon and Spa Galleria Hulen, located at 5530 SW Loop 820. Call our leasing agent at (817) 917-1416 for more information and to arrange for a tour.

Create your dreams at Salon & Spa Galleria

Our goal is to put you in a Hulen booth rental, a blank canvas if you will, so you have your own personal space to call your own.  Once you close the door to your Hulen salon suite rental, you are entering your own personal business. The customers are yours.  The universe shrinks down to that space, that moment, and a special relationship between beautician and customers is formed.  We deal in dreams. Dreams of little girls playing “hair stylist” in their bedrooms when they are eight years old. Dreams of young adults looking for a better life and financial security.  We deal in dreams, and we have your dream, for rent, at a price you can afford.

A look at our typical client

Let’s see if any of this rings true for you.

Our typical client has worked in a beauty salon, owned by someone else, for a number of years. They have worked for, on average, 40% commissions. They have a loyal following of clients, they have some serious talent, and they wish they were compensated for their talents.  They know they have the talent to succeed, but they aren’t sure they can afford to go it alone. They certainly can’t afford to rent a retail space in Fort Worth.  They certainly can’t afford to purchase a building in some strip mall.  So they are looking to rent a salon suite, but they aren’t even sure they can afford to do that.

They are frustrated and hopeful, both at the same time, and they bring that frustration, and hope, to us at Salon & Spa Galleria.

Here’s what we tell them

We tell them that salon suite leasing, at Salon & Spa Galleria, start at $50 per week at select locations.  We tell them that price included utilities and most of the overhead expenses.  We tell them that we offer security monitoring and 24/7 access to their salon suite. We tell them we offer marketing workshops and marketing support in the way of press releases and a free web page.

We talk to them about our success. We tell them that during 2020, during one of the worst economic declines in the history of the U.S. we actually expanded from twelve Tarrant County locations to fourteen. We tell them the Salon & Spa Galleria name means high quality service, and that potential clients will assume anyone with a mini-business at one of our locations is a highly-qualified professional.

We will tell them about the many, many success stories of our clients, and we will tell them that they can easily become one of those success stories.

Here’s what we tell you

It can easily happen for you. Pick up the phone and call that number. Arrange for a tour of our Hulen location. Talk to our leasing agent. Talk to our current clients. Get your questions answered, rent a salon booth, and start keeping 100% of the profits.

You deserve it, don’t you think?