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Luxury Salon Suites An American Dream Driving Force

By January 28, 2021Blog
The cost of owning a beauty salon

In the beauty industry, luxury salon suites are a required standard; we all can agree on this. When going into business for yourself, you need to have that business knowledge and management systems.  Salon and Spa Galleria likes to make sure all of our tenants are ready for business ownership with their own salon. Having your own business intel and exercising business savvy with a personal freedom comes with signing a lease.

Salon suite rental and self-employment are vastly becoming a hand in hand dream for any beauty industry professional.  With a lease, you essentially become known as a small business owner, and in one of the Salon and Spa Galleria locations, your salon or spa will be known as locally owned and operated.

Join A Family Team Benefits

A family team provides comfort and peace of mind that you are not the only one who decided to take a big leap into ownership.  A family of tenants always will help and provide tips and tricks to help you grow.  What they have learned and gold nuggets of wisdom is their way of mentoring you into success. Calming those fears that come with ownership and the boss decision making.  All of the family of tenants share the concept of being independent and want to run their own business. Many are the free-thinking or entrepreneurial spirits that were allured by the self-employment dream of salon leasing ownership. Each of them grew tired of being told when to work.  What services to offer and how they were to provide them and the cost of the services.  Then having to pay 40-45% of their earned income back to the salon owner.  Breaking free of the constraints, each of the tenants chose to follow the guiding force by signing a lease for a salon rental.  Not only do they have the benefit of a traditional full-size salon amenities, but they also have the interest of keeping 100% of the earned income.

Self-Employment is The Driving Force of The American Dream

A reminder: the growing number of suite rental models or opportunities is not just what it’s about; it’s about growth in the numbers of beauty professionals themselves want their piece of the American dream. There are several benefits to this type of employment. You can set your own hours and cost of services, making it easier to fit work into an active and busy lifestyle. Salon booth rental offers the chance to operate your salon business without the added stress of running the entire salon.

You can’t always wait for the perfect time to seize your moment, and sometimes you must dare to jump-but you don’t have to go at it alone.

So, when you’re ready to grab your dream, take that leap and call one of our salon managers. See what all we have to offer when you sign a lease.

For a salon manager or leasing agent, call 817.917.1416 pr 817.823.7105

To book a tour for any of the 9 locations, reach our concierges by calling 972.691.7300.