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Read the Fine Print on a Hair Salon Booth Rental

By November 29, 2023Salon Spa Blog
salon suite rental at Salon & Spa Galleria is loaded with benefits

In a perfect world, a hair salon booth rental in Fort Worth would be the same as a hair salon booth rental in Topeka or New York or Savannah, but that’s just not the way the world works.  In fact, there is a vast difference in a hair salon suite rental among the many agencies vying for your business right here in Fort Worth.  That is why it is so important for you to read this article before signing a rental agreement which may, in the end, cost you much more than you originally imagined it would.

We are Salon & Spa Galleria, leading the way in the Greater Fort Worth area, with twenty-three salon suite rental locations. Call us today at 817-917-1416 for more details and to arrange for a tour of our affordable luxury salon suites.  It just might be the most important phone call you will ever make.

The advertised cost of a hair salon booth rental.

Some salon suite rental agencies do not advertise their rental cost. Makes you wonder why that is, doesn’t it?  We post ours on our website home page, for all to see.

Why do we do that?  Because our luxury salon suites start at an industry-low $75 per week.

Read that again because your initial response will be that it was a misprint or that you didn’t read it correctly.

Our luxury salon suites, suitable for a hair salon, beauty salon, microblading studio, massage therapy suite, or any other beauty & health related salon, begin at $75 per week.

Quite frankly, if you can find a retail rental price lower than that, anywhere in the United States, we strongly suggest you jump on that offer immediately with both feet.

As wonderful as that rental price sounds, it is only a fraction of what you get for that rental, and this is where the proverbial rubber meets the road in the salon suite rental industry.  What is included in that rental price? Is it just a salon studio room?

What is not mentioned about a hair salon booth rental.

Again, there are agencies, and we won’t name names, which seem hesitant to mention the amenities they include in their rental price and again, we wonder why they are hesitant.

Our weekly rental cost includes all utilities, WiFi, a free HDTV, your own webpage, a 26-step business plan, free marketing workshops, free laundry facilities, furniture if needed . . . shall we go on? 24/7 access to your salon suite, security monitoring, the most helpful staff in Texas . . . all for as low as $75 per week.  Again, we do not hesitate to state this on our Salon and Spa Galleria website.  Seems like this is something people would want to know, correct?

We shout our business model for the world to hear.

Here is a little history lesson for you.  Prior to COVID, we had ten Salon & Spa Galleria locations in the Greater Fort Worth area.  Three years later we have twenty-three.  During the worst epidemic this nation has seen in decades, and during the worst economic downturn this nation has seen in decades, we more than doubled our business footprint in the Fort Worth Metro area.

We must be doing something right, don’t you think?

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria.

Pick up the phone and call us at 817-917-1416 for more information and to arrange for a tour of our luxury salon suites.  We are locally owned and operated, we are growing rapidly, and we would love to have you on our team.