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Ridglea Booth Rental

By February 9, 2022Salon Suites
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If you are looking for a Ridglea booth rental at a price you can afford, we believe we have what you need at Salon & Spa Galleria, located at 2400 Mall Circle #100 in Fort Worth, one of seventeen Salon & Spa Galleria locations. Call us at 817-823-7105 for more information about this wonderful opportunity and to arrange for a tour of the facility.

Now, though, let’s talk about whether a booth rental or salon suite is right for you.

What are you looking for professionally?

This may seem like a ridiculous question, but it is quite valid.  Some beauty professionals are quite happy working for commissions in a beauty salon owned by someone else. There is always a steady stream of customers, they always know the shifts they work, they have job security and they have consistency in their lives.  There is none of the pressure which comes with owning your own business. There are no sleepless nights nor is there any angst or stress.  They just show up for work, they do a professional job during their shift, and they go home. End of story!  And if that job falls through, for whatever reason, there will always be another beauty salon eager to hire an experienced beauty professional.

But, is that enough for you?  That is the question you must ask?  And if it is not enough for you, are you willing to take a risk and start your own independent business?

Can you afford a salon suite rental?

Salon & Spa Galleria offers outstanding booth rental and suites for lease opportunities for as low as $75 per week at select locations.

Read that again!  You can rent your own salon booth, or salon suite, for as low as $75 per week. That means your rental expense is basically paid for after one customer.  Eliminate that concern now!

Yes, there are incidental expenses.  You will need to pay for insurance.  You most likely will need an accountant to help you keep track of all the money you will be making.  You will need to pay for a business license.  But, and this is huge, practically all other secondary expenses are included in that $75 per week payment. We are talking about utilities, we are talking about WiFi, we are talking about cable and laundry facilities and security, and we are talking about training workshops so you can learn about business management and marketing.

For as low as $75 per week!

Are you tired of being underpaid and underappreciated?

It is rare to find a beauty professional, working in a beauty salon owned by someone else, who truly believes they are paid what they are worth.  It is only human nature to believe you are worth more, and most likely you are.  You are the one who has training.  You are the one who paid for that training.  You are the one who provides expertise and experience . . . but . . . the owner of the salon is the one who walks away with 60% of the profits.

What Salon & Spa Galleria has to offer

At Salon & Spa Galleria, you take home 100% of the profits, which is only right.  You are the one investing in your future, you are the one making all of the decisions, and you are the one who is providing the expertise and talent.  You should keep all of the profits. And what we bring to the table is a supportive attitude, a positive work atmosphere, and a track record which succeeds daily at seventeen different locations.

We believe our Ridglea booth rental salon company is where dreams are made. Call us today and start making your dream a reality.