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Salon and Spa Galleria There is No Other Place

By March 4, 2021Blog
rent a salon suite at Salon and Spa Galleria

There is a need out there for a place like Salon and Spa Galleria! Take a tour and see what is available you will be shocked and thrilled all at the same time.

Available, managed salon suites of all different sizes to meet your needs with a salon booth lease or a salon studio in which to work and take care of your clients.  Maybe you are not full time yet, but that is a goal for down the road.

Maybe move in and sign for a salon chair rental until you can afford the price of a suite on your own. You can make it happen!  Plan your work and work your plan. Work as thrifty as you can and save, save, save.  Sounds crazy, I know, but I am!  Business does not have to be hard, and with salon suite rental prices at Salon and Spa Galleria, you can finally have all your ducks in a row and everything quacks in unison.

It’s scary and you have butterflies, but over time you realize that you made the right move. And everything is working for you.  For once in your life, you are enjoying yourself and what you are doing for a living. You are thankful for all that you have accomplished with regard to going out into business for yourself.

Salon and Spa Galleria is the perfect place to land and open your own salon. They have ideal locations all over the Metroplex.  They have different configurations for your salon. All you have to do is go and visit all the locations or the locations that are closest to where you want to be then talk to the leasing agent about becoming part of the family leasing a salon.

One of the hardest decisions is on how long you want to take out a lease for and note that all locations offer you short and long term leases.  Our management team offer leases for a day to up five years on salon suites rental. Sign a lease for a longer-term will actually score you a discount on the rent. You will not find another salon suites business that can match prices with Salon and Spa Galleria for daily rentals, month to month lease, or multiple years.

Collectively do your homework and make sure you make a tour comparison with other salon suites businesses.  You will still see that we are the best choice.

Get ready to call everyone you know and tell them that you have moved to a different salon and give them the address, tell them to come and see you at your new location. If they book an appointment for any service, they will receive it at a discounted price to celebrate the new salon location.  It will also show them that you really appreciate them as a customer!

Contact us for more information about an exciting opportunity to own your salon.

For a salon manager or leasing agent, call 817-917-1416 or 817-823-7105.

To book a tour, reach our concierges call 972-691-7300.