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Salon Space Rental Make A Plan For Your Dream Client

By February 4, 2021Blog
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Being the owner of a salon space rental caught yourself saying, “I’m so anxious when so, and so is on my books, how do explain to them I’m not the right fit for them?”  As a concierge for a large salon suites leasing company, I hear this question often.  The professionals search forums and seek advice from fellow practitioners in different salons.   When you find yourself exhausted from that feeling of stress, it’s time to make room for new clients, your dream clients.

As some stylists that have worked in many different locations or salons know, moving means rebuilding a clientele list from ground zero. Also, it means going through another year, figuring out a clientele that will fit with all your aspects.  You ask or didn’t know what does that means?  You’re not alone, many salon studio and salon chair rental.  The belief preached to many industry professionals for the beginning of their careers as it was about being money focused – you would have to take whatever walk in that came. However, you have to ask yourself is that the best for everyone?

Do You Know What You Really Want?

Find your technique and skills that you’re passionate about, you know the one thing that makes your happiest.  It may be dimensional blonding, unique nail art sculpting, or weaving your one thing is what you want to project on Instagram mostly.  Using hashtags that will attract new guests, and it will be the beginnings of building a clientele that you can click with the ones that share the same passion for your work you choose to do vs. just taking a walk-in because of the dollar focus.  You will start to notice it will be infrequent to have an issue with a client that seeks out your work on Instagram. Seeing the clients matched with you at random were the ones with a history of no-showing, occurring lateness, being happy never happened, and disrespectful the list can continue by now we know you get the idea.  Once you figure out that you want to leave room and space for your dream clients, it will make working enjoyable. It will eliminate the unnecessary stress in your salon rental so you can start to filter them off your book.

Being Professional While Taking Action In A Salon Room Rental

We don’t want to make this sound easy, let us start by telling you conflict can make you apprehensive, embarrassed and you may feel you want to back down, reminder don’t.  You want to stand your ground. We are telling you this because it is not easy to say to a client professionally; you are not the best fit for them.  The reason behind us telling you this based on the fact you will not know how they will react.  If you make sure you respectably conduct yourself with this person in all dealings, more than likely, they will move on.  Choose to take control and not deal with rude clients take the actions of making a few phone calls, have face to face, and that was that.  No more over 15-minutes late, and more than 15 times client, the “no one can do my hair right” client and the time wasters that book multiple services to have a consult, type of clients.

A quick tip:  Consolation can reveal enough information about your potential new client. It’s ok not to do a service you don’t feel comfortable with.  You don’t have to take everything to build, anyone offering this advice is giving bad advice.

A Happy Happened After

Getting the rude or disrespectful clients off the books, the ones who made coming to work unnecessarily stressful makes salon suite leasing room for your dream clients.

Salon and Spa Galleria, a leader in the salon suite ownership, wanting to make a change in the thinking of the industry from “taking every client to build” to it takes work and time to build, not at the expense of your passion, integrity, and happiness.

Build your own business while you dream clientele with a salon suite lease with Salon and Spa Galleria.

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