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Salon Suites And The Freestylist

By November 21, 2019Blog
Luxurious spa rooms for rent available at Salon & Spa Galleria

Think! The salon suites with a strategy are a thinking method of the freestylist. A freestylist is what you are, no not swimmer who chooses their own stroke for a relay. You’re the business owner who decided not to live under the control of a salon owner and practice your own way of doing things. Yes, the empowered individual that chose to break away from the pack and become the entrepreneur.

Now we have established who you are keep reading, so we can share with you who we are and how salon suites are a lot like the freestylist. We are Salon and Spa Galleria the leader in suite rental business model. When you want to join the ranks of freestylist’s making a difference in the beauty industry, call us at 972-691-7300, we have someone waiting to answer any questions you may have.

DFW Salon Suites Are Designed

With the beauty professional in mind. The beauty professional requires some basics of a beauty shop, like the wash basin (sink), shampoo chair, and stylist chair. Within the structure of the building, you will find luxury suites. Salon and Spa Galleria provides spacious upscale suites that give you the cozier more relax setting than an own private salon. The ambiance of a luxurious welcome greets the clients as they walk thru the door. All of Salon and Spa Galleria locations offer multiple seating areas, upscale interior appearance with feng shui style. Comfort is built into and around every corner.

Framework Of The Salon Suite Leasing

Salon and Spa Galleria offers the structure that will help you launch your business, so you can direct your concentration on building a client base, skills, network, and income. We take care of all the utilities, provide amenities such as 24/7 security monitoring and access to building, on-site laundry, break room with microwave, sink, and seating. Suites are accommodated with all the equipment you need to launch your business with a minimum start-up cost. There is abundant parking in a very nice manicured landscape provided at each of our locations. Speaking of cost since this an essential part of the framework structure for salon suites rental prices are very affordable.

Salon Suite Rental Start At $50

All of our leases are provided with the flexibility to include no term – to 5-year terms. The low lease rates starting out as low as $50 each week will definitely help the overhead expenses be manageable. Yes, you can test that against any other business model like Salon and Sap Galleria you will not be able to match that pricing. Did we mention that in the mind of freestyling that with the low lease rates that you and your clients get free WiFi? A marquee directory listing on-site provides walk-ins and your scheduled clients’ alternate way to contact you. You have your own personal webpage containing on the Salon and Spa Galleria main webpage. The best part of the low rental pricing is that you can do you in how you want to set up your private personal mini salon. Let the freestyle you show through and create a unique space.

So why aren’t you already calling 972-691-7300 to set up your tour of any one of the 9 locations? We are waiting for you the freestylist with flair.