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Salons The Best Deal

By May 14, 2020Salon Spa Blog
salon suite rental amenities are as important as the retnal price

Do you spend time finding the best deal?  Salons have and are the best deal.

I have always lived close to the DFW area lakes and have enjoyed it.  One afternoon I was taking in all the sites at Lake Lewisville and I came across a boatyard that only had old wooden boats in it.  I was thrilled and I parked and went into the yard and introduced myself to the owner of the yard.  He was really friendly and told me to look around that all the old boats would talk to you. Get in them, look around and pick one out that you like. Let me know when you find it.

I was amazed that he let people climb all over the boats.  I spent the next several hours on five different boats. I pondering the fact that these boats had been built by craftsmen.  These individuals who were greatly concerned about the craftsmanship build with care and love. If it did not turn out correct the job would get done over. It was an amazing afternoon.  I did find the boat that I would love to restore. It was a nineteen fifty- seven Chris Craft and it was a very rare boat. Less than two hundred were ever made.

The old boat was intact and in great shape considering how old it was and how long it had been out of the water.  It had been set correctly and it was not warping as the case was with other wooden boats.  When a boat comes out of the water it must be placed on stilts until it is dried out and then reset.  Usually, the marine does not set the boats straight and they warp. In the boat business, this is known as hogging. Usually boats that hog do not recover.

The owner came out to where I was looking and told me that he was going to close.  I had been out there until closing time.  Where had the time gone?  I finished on the boat that I was on and left the boatyard.  I already knew what I was going to do next time I was off.  I would head to the boatyard and look around. On my next day off I headed out to the boatyard to look around at what was out there.  I already had a favorite boat!  I like all old wooden boats but I had a favorite and I wanted to own it. The owner of the lot had my boat in Boat Trader Magazine for 8000.00 dollars.

This is similar to owning a salon or nail salon suite business. As an owner, you want the best deal on opening your own salon and you just don’t want the stress of the large overhead salon.  Look for the best deal when starting your business.  Salon and Spa Galleria offer salon and suites or salon booth rental prices start as low as $50.  It does matter which of the 9 locations they have the starting price is the same at a salon booth for rent Grapevine is as it is for the salon booth for rent in the Ft Worth location.   So, a new starting out entrepreneur in the beauty professional has the ability to open their business in a luxury salon suites location with almost no startup cost.   So if you’re looking for that best deal for your business owning look no further than a booth rental salon with Salon and Spa Galleria.

Wondering what happen with the boat?  Well, being self-employed and not having the $8,000 I counter with a very low ball price point.

I told him that I had to be able to rationalize the expense to all the principles around me and that since I was self-employed that January, February, and part of March was tuff months for me. He looked at the boat I was trying to buy and then he looked at me and asked one more time how much can you spend? Again, I told him what I could afford and no more. He asked if I would do a trade or barter for services.  Asking about what the trade would be he explained that it would be a bit of service work that my company could provide.  I said done deal.  I am the proud owner restoring an old rare boat.