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The Massage Therapy Suite Deal

By July 29, 2021Salon Spa Blog
The best salon room rental in Fort Worth is found at Salon & Spa Galleria

Texas is in the ranking for the highest number of massage therapy suite employed owners. These owners have chosen to be in the statics of ownership instead of the statics for employees working for a massage therapy salon. Their decision was based on they could be the boss of their therapy suite. Being motivated by the benefits, owners find setting the appointments to meet their schedule a choice that is at the top of their list. They also find choosing the clientele and maintaining 100% of their earnings at the top of the entrepreneur list.

Are you looking for a salon suite rental, Weatherford, or Benbrook? Look no further Salon and Spa Galleria has your covered.  The salon suites rental prices are unmatched by the competitors. Our leases are as low as $50 each week with many amenities that are only offered by traditional salons included.   We have move-in specials, which many include free weekly rent. Reading something you really like? Keep going and learn more great things about the offerings for the salon suite, and if you have any questions afterward, please call 972.691.7300.

The Sweet Salon Suite Amenities

Let’s us start with the suite amenities.

  • Suite availability of beautiful state of the art equipment
  • Each suite has installed a sink or wash bowl.
  • Lease rent includes utilities
  • Free wifi for tenants and clients
  • Each suite has installed HDTV with full cable services
  • Design and decorate your suite to your personality
  • Personal key code locking doors
  • Retail your chosen product

Next, we have a salon chair rental. Stations are equipped with state of the art equipment, padded mat, chair, mirror, and key lock cabinet.  Affordable rental leases are available, HDTV with full cable services, free wifi, a shared shampoo wash station.

The affordable luxury salon suites leases start as low as $50 each week.  Available are suites in a variety of sizes, any of which will fit nicely in any business budget.  A provided marketing support which includes:

  • Each tenant has a personal web page
  • A listing in the online salon directory
  • Each lease is supplied a press release
  • Free monthly marketing workshop class
  • Includes a marketing plan

All this is provided at each of the 12 locations of Salon and Spa Galleria with much more. Did we mention not only do you get the suite amenities, but all the sites are also set in a luxury landscape setting.  Plenty of spacious parking spaces, 24-hour security system with cameras, and laundry service on-site. Plenty of seating is made available for clients to wait in comfort at each location.

Do you see the enormous savings so far that are included with a salon room rental? Visit with us on the numbers.  In the suite amenities alone, the cost would run along the lines of $500-$600 dollars a month. The utilities that are included with a Salon and Spa Galleria rental lease is a savings of $200-$300 per month for water and electricity. The marketing support is at least $500 savings.  Adding all the saving up shows you the conclusion you will come up with is Salon and Spa Galleria is the best choice to make a successful massage therapy suite business.

It is a fantastic suite deal, we think so, too.  We want to invite you to contact one of the salon managers and take a tour today.

Call a salon manager at Salon & Spa Galleria, call 817-917-1416 or 817-823-7105.

To reach our concierges and schedule a tour, call 972-691-7300