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The Salon Chair Rental Therapist

By April 23, 2020Blog
Fort Worth luxury hair salon booth rental

I hear my name called, it is my turn, so I move to her salon chair rental and sit down.  My mind wanders and I start thinking about how long I have been coming to Salon and Spa Galleria Grapevine, TX to get my hair cut.

I am a single man again! I’ve been married all my adult life; conversations were always part of the marriage good thing that I shared with my wife.  She had ALS, and in 2017, she went to her eternal rest. It was a blessing for her no more ALS, and she knew where she was going, and now she is there, and I am at this moment by myself. The lady that cuts my hair in a salon studio does me a world of good! I sit down, and like clockwork, she starts cutting and managing my hair, and I start talking! I talk about everything she continues to keeping trimming and listens.  It only takes her about 15 minutes to cut my hair because I do not have as much hair as I used to, so she can go through it pretty quickly. She paces herself like an excellent friend or like a therapist. The interaction of a salon suites lease conversation is up-lifting. She takes her time and manages every inch of my hair.

We both share things that have happened, and things that we wish would happen in our lives. My hairstylist was a psychology major in college. As part of her study, she had to learn how to listen to her clients. Every time I get my hair cut, it’s like I get two for one because Kat listens to every word and tells me what she thinks about what I am saying or thinking. It is very therapeutic, and I appreciate her kind words, thoughts, and comments. Kat always has something to add. I need and enjoy sincere conversation from others, and it helps me to be able to share what I am thinking. I leave the hair salon suite, and I usually look great with my new haircut; I feel great, and I always look forward to coming into the salon to get my hair cut again!

How is my year at work going she asked and I tell her about the job and how I was crowded in my shop last year and could not move or work and I had to go to the management and explain that we would be limited in our work until they could move some of the employees to somewhere else so we would not be as crowded in the shop.  They only moved a few employees to other locations. We had a population overcrowding, and we needed relief and never really receive any.  I finally told the administration that if we could not get things squared away, I was going to do something else like real estate. They knew I was serious, so when the company had a board meeting this year, I came to work, “thinking the large staff and the largest team,” and all I had was 17 employees to manage. Kat was amazed that the company administration took me seriously and made sure of the numbers in my team.  They listened, which made me feel outstanding, and they acted on my needs, which made me think exceptional also.  The great thing is that everyone wins. My teams are smaller, and we can do more.  I get my hair cut again at her hair salon suite. My stylist and I have a great conversation while she works. The great thing is she gets to keep all of what she gets paid and tipped.  Life is good.

Keeping 100% of the money paid for service and tips is profitable, it’s also referred to as business owning.  Desiring to own your business and provided healing therapy through a hairstyle.  Look no further. We have the options for you.  Call us at 972-691-7300 and as for at any of our 9 locations. We want you to be part of our family that shares the same dream and making it happen.