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What Does “Rent A Salon Suite” Mean?

By January 4, 2023Salon Spa Blog
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What does “rent a salon suite” mean? Perhaps you have heard the term, but really had no idea what this new approach to salon ownership meant.  If that is the case, we have a quick, concise explanation for you in this article. We are Salon & Spa Galleria, and salon suite rental is our thing in Fort Worth, Texas. Call us at 972-691-7300 for more information and, if you are in the Fort Worth Metro area, call us for a tour of our salon studio opportunities.

Okay, then, let’s talk about the meaning of “rent a salon suite.”

The traditional “rent a salon suite” model

Well, the traditional “rent a salon suite” model was not renting a salon suite at all; more like a salon chair rental.  You are all familiar with the beauty salon model, the one which has been in existence since the latte 1800’s.  Someone owns a beauty salon, and they “rent” stations, usually chairs, to beauticians.  Those beauticians are basically renting a space from which they can earn a commission on the work they do in the hair salon, usually a commission of about 40%. The remaining 60% goes to the beauty salon owner as the price of “renting” that space.  It should be noted, and this is very important, that the individual beauticians own nothing in this scenario, but are actually “independent contractors,” and in a very real sense employees.

This is obviously a great deal for the beauty salon owner, as proven by the fact that this business model has flourished in American for over one-hundred years.  It is not, however, a great opportunity for the people actually doing the work, the talented beauticians, who will languish in obscurity, just making enough to get by, for years upon years.

The new “rent a salon suite” approach

At Salon & Spa Galleria, you rent a salon suite, but that salon suite then becomes the location for YOUR business.  You operate your business from that location, and you keep 100% of the profits earned at that location, minus the salon suite rental fee, which starts as low as $50 per week at select locations.

Utilities? Included in the rental price.  WiFi? Included in the rental price.  Furniture? Available at our locations should you need it.  Your own web page? Included in the rental price.  This is such a great deal, you would almost have to try to fail in order to fail.  The start-up costs, are hardly worth talking about, the monthly overhead is hardly worth mentioning, and the fact that we have twenty-two locations, in one U.S. city, screams success for our clients.

The difference is like night and day

To put a simplified exclamation point on it, the difference is between owning your own business, and working for someone else.  Our way means you have a great chance to finally earn a decent income; the traditional way means you will forever wonder what it would have been like to own a business.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria

We are locally owned and operated, and our business model WORKS!  Our luxury salon suites are beautiful, our locations are outstanding, and our staff is helpful and welcoming.  Add it all up and you should be reaching for your phone right now.

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