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Hair Salon Booth

By June 29, 2018Salon Suites
spa rooms for rent Grapevine are available with Salon & Spa Galleria

Why a hair salon booth should be in your future . . .

We are all drawn to this industry because we know that we can have the freedom to be our own boss, grow our own business with no limits, determine how much money we make, and be able to provide whatever services we wish to focus on and excel in them. If the beauty profession is your calling, and you have put in the work to build your business for success, its time you take the last step and make it all your own and make all the decisions by renting a booth with us.  We are Salon & Spa Galleria, and you need to call (817) 823-7105 if success is what you want.

What to expect at Salon & Spa Galleria . . .

You should know what to expect at Salon & Spa Galleria.  We have built Salon & Spa Galleria to fully accommodate all our tenants in their journey of becoming their own boss. All you have to worry about is buying your supplies, paying your lease and making sure your clients are 100% satisfied. We make sure that the building is clean daily, up-to-date on all inspections and regulations, and all suites, bathrooms and vending machines are maintained and working at all times. When you sign on with us we provide you with a complimentary 32-inch flat screen TV with Direct TV hook up for you to enjoy on your downtime and for your clients to enjoy while you are working on them.

What else comes with a booth rental from Salon & Spa Galleria?

Also, at every salon location, with every salon rental, we have washers and dryers as well as a supply of laundry detergent for you to do your towels, capes, sheets, etc, so you don’t have to take your work home with you. We also have a digital directory at the front of each salon to direct clients where they need to go. And to better assist you in accommodating you and your client’s schedule, we give you twenty-four-hour access to the salon; and for your safety, and your client’s safety and security, we have twenty-four-hour surveillance inside and outside the building for those late nights.

Come check us out and see our beautiful salon space for rent. Ah-yes… have the freedom to operate your own business in a private suite that is upscale. It’s a common crossroad for many established stylists to work for a beauty salon or become a free agent. Always the dilemma… Whether to choose booth rental vs. commission-based structure? Salon and Spa Galleria is the premier provider of salon suites in the DFW Metroplex. We offer a variety of luxury, customizable, breathtaking suites for all types of beauty professionals.

Our goal from day one has been to provide high quality, private individual salon suites enabling independent contractors in the beauty industry to operate and own their own profitable business. With all the amenities and incentives we provide, we have dedicated ourselves to creating and maintaining one of the truly unique salons around. By renting a suite from us, you’re able to keep 100% of your time and effort and all your retail sales are yours to keep. Also when you rent with us, we encourage you to express your taste through your suite decoration; we want you to be proud to call it home.

We also offer state of the art, professional equipment and furniture, if those are things you have yet to acquire. We welcome all beauty professionals to any Salon & Spa Galleria location. Give one of our leasing managers a call and set up a tour so you can see for yourself why we have been rated number one in the beauty industry.