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Massage Therapy Suite

By July 29, 2018Salon Suites

If you are looking for a massage therapy suite, you are reading the correct article. For more information, and a human voice to speak to, call (817) 823-7105.

Why a massage therapy suite?

Let’s look at the way things are done for the majority of massage therapists, and then let’s look at an opportunity you really should consider. And for more information, make sure you contact us sooner rather than later.

Most of you in the massage therapy business are professionals basically working for someone else.  You are paid a commission for the business (customers) you bring into the beauty salon you work for. That commission may, or may not, be fair and commiserate to your talents and training.  You would love to strike out on your own but the economic reality of it all dictates that you will never be able to afford a retail front where you can have your own massage therapy business.

Some of you have tried working out of your own homes, but that is disruptive and, quite frankly, a bit unprofessional, so there you stay, working for someone else, never quite getting ahead financially.

Did that summary characterize you?

An alternative strategy in the massage business is available . . . salon suites for rent!

What if we told you it is possible, and affordable, to rent a massage therapy suite, with luxurious surroundings and with all the amenities,  and finally make it on your own in the massage therapy business?

That place is Salon & Spa Galleria, with ten convenient locations in the Fort Worth area, and we have space for you at this very moment.  In fact, we believe the business plan for Salon & Spa Galleria is so good that it would be worth relocating to Fort Worth to take advantage of it.

So what’s so good about Galleria Salon & Spa?

Salon & Spa Galleria has everything a talented massage therapist needs to go into business on their own.   All of the overhead, all of the hassles, and all of the concerns are covered, answered, and put to rest for a low lease fee, in some cases as low as $50 per week. Short term and long term leases are available at Salon & Spa Galleria.  Amenities included in your leasing fee are:

  • Professional equipment provided
  • Utilities included
  • Washer and dryer on site
  • HDTVs in every luxury salon suite
  • WiFi available in every suite
  • 24/7 access to the suite
  • Full-time concierge at every Salon & Spa Galleria
  • Break room at every site
  • And marketing support including a web page and press releas.

For $50 per week?  Are we yanking your chain? Is this for real?

No we are not and yes it is!

No more commissions!  No more dancing to the music of a salon owner?  No more scraping by financially every month!  You run your own show.  You work as many hours as you want.  You work as hard as you want.  You decorate your salon suites, you make it your own, and you control the future of your own massage business.

And we at Salon & Spa Galleria stand by, ready to assist you, and applaud while you succeed.

What are you waiting for?