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Microblading Spa

By October 23, 2018Salon Suites
Choosing the right location for your salon suite lease is crucial

Are you looking for a microblading spa?

Ten years ago most people didn’t even know what a microblading spa was; today there are a number of them available in every major city, and if you are a microblading expert, finding the right microblading spa for you to call home is extremely important.

We are here to help.  Read this article and then call (817) 823-7105.  Let’s make this happen!

Why are you looking for a microblading spa?

Most beauty professionals move around quite a bit early in their careers, from one beauty shop to another, looking for better pay or better management or better working conditions.  They generally work for commissions, learning their craft, becoming known in the community, but certainly not getting rich.  That’s because in the booth rental vs commission debate, working for commissions is a dead end road.

So after a few years of working for commissions, most talented beauty professionals say “ENOUGH” and go out in search of a salon booth rental they can call home, some place they can call home and run a small microblading business at a fairly low overhead.

And that’s why Salon & Spa Galleria is such a popular business model.

We basically provide everything you need in a microblading spa, and we provide most of it for free.

And everyone loves that word . . . FREE!

Listen, we don’t know what other salon suite rental companies do. We don’t know how they conduct their business or what incentives they provide for talented professionals in the beauty industry, but we do know what we at Salon and Spa Galleria provide, and that’s just about everything you need to succeed in business for yourself.

That list of amenities includes:

  • Utilities
  • State of the art professional equipment
  • HDTV
  • WiFi
  • Washer and dryer
  • 24/7 access
  • Full-time concierge
  • Friendly staff
  • Ten great locations in Fort Worth area
  • Web page
  • Press release
  • Other marketing assistance
  • Shared expertise from a winning business model

And all of that is included in low weekly or monthly lease payments, in some locations as low as $50 per week.  That’s correct, we said $50 per week, which is $200 per month, only two-hundred dollars per month for your own microblading spa business in the Greater Fort Worth area.

You do the math.  Can you afford to pay $200 per month in overhead? Do you have enough customers to make it work?  More importantly, do you have the desire to succeed on your own, and the desire to stop working for someone else?

Salon and Spa Galleria is not some marketing ploy.  We are not blowing smoke in this article. We are telling you exactly how our business model works, and we are saying if you think it will work for you then call us today.  We would love to give you a tour of one of our locations.  It will give you a chance to talk to some folks who are already leasing a salon booth rental from us. Find out what they think about Salon & Spa Galleria, and then make up your own mind.

Call us for that tour today!