Salon Suites Mid Cities

By September 20, 2018Salon Suites
How to choose a beauty salon suite from Salon & Spa Galleria

There are many salon suites Mid Cities to choose from in the DFW Megaplex.

There is only one name, however, that you should remember, and that name is Salon & Spa Galleria.

Ten convenient locations serving Arlington, Haltom City, Grapevine, North Richland Hills, and the surrounding area, Salon and Spa Galleria has you covered in the Mid Cities area.  Call us today at (817) 823-7105 for all of the answers you seek.

One phone call, ten locations with more on the way, your financial freedom at stake!

Salon suites available at Salon and Spa Galleria . . .

But not just salon suites for rent!  No, no, we offer so much more at Galleria Salon & Spa.  We offer a chance to actually put money into a savings account at the end of the month. We offer the chance to provide a better future for your children.  We offer the chance for financial security.

We offer dreams coming true!

We have a variety of salon booths to choose from.

You can lease a single salon suite.  You can lease a double salon suite.  You can lease a salon chair rental in a salon suite with another professional.  We have a business plan which will work for you and your unique situation.  Our goal is to help you succeed because when you succeed, we succeed, and everyone benefits.

Follow these steps into your future . . .

  • Call us today!
  • Arrange for a tour of one of our locations in the Mid Cities area of Fort Worth.
  • Fall in love with the Salon & Spa Galleria business plan
  • Sign a lease for as little as $50 per week in select locations
  • Order your business cards
  • Decorate your new luxury salon suite
  • Spread the word to your customers
  • Buy your supplies and the product you wish to sell
  • And open your business!

How long will that all take?  We are talking about a matter of a few weeks, from initial visit to opening the doors for business.

How much will it all cost?  We are conservatively saying you can open your own business at Salon & Spa Galleria for as little as $500, depending upon how many supplies you need to purchase to get started. We have had beauticians open up for less; we have had them open up for more.  It all depends on how much those supplies are going to cost you, but we have found that most of our clients already have just about everything they need to get started, so the start-up cost is lower rather than higher.

And that’s all there is to it!  We pay the utilities, we provide state-of-the-art equipment, we provide WiFi and HDTV, a full-time concierge, 24/7 access, washer and dryer, marketing assistance . . .

Oh, there is one more thing you need to provide:  a willingness to succeed accompanied by a strong work ethic.  If you have that then you can rise to the top at Salon & Spa Galleria.  We’ve seen it happen in the past and we see it happening, to you, tomorrow.

Call us now!  Your future awaits!