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Spa Suites for Rent

By August 23, 2018Salon Suites
spa rooms for rent Grapevine are available with Salon & Spa Galleria

Spa suites for rent are fairly plentiful in most cities of decent size, so if you live in a populated area, finding one should not be a problem. This is a fairly new phenomenon in the beauty industry, but one which is catching on quickly.

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Spa suites . . . salon suites . . . salon studio . . . all basically mean the same thing.  They are rooms (suites, booths) which a beautician or massage therapist can rent out, weekly or monthly, from which they can run their own independent business.  This is the exact opposite from what was once standard business, namely beauticians working in a beauty shop owned by someone else and being paid a commission based on the amount of work done.

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What should you look for in a spa suite for rent?

If we are all being honest, one room is not much different from another room.  Four walls, a ceiling, a floor, different sizes, sure, but most are rectangular in shape and vary only in actual square footage, so the room itself is not what you should concentrate on when looking for a salon suite.  No, what you should be concentrating on is the list of amenities which come with that room.  That’s the difference between a regular spa suite for rent and a luxury salon suite.

And that brings us to Salon & Spa Galleria for a perfect example.

Salon and Spa Galleria has ten locations in the Greater Fort Worth area.  It is locally owned and operated.  It is well-established and frequented by hundreds of customers daily, but it is the list of amenities that Salon & Spa Galleria offers which truly makes it the premier salon rental business in Fort Worth. Those amenities include the following:

  • Prices as low as $50 per week for a luxury salon suite
  • WiFi in every suite
  • HDTV in every suite
  • Utilities included
  • Full-time concierge at every location
  • Security monitoring
  • 24/7 access to your suite
  • Washer and dryer at every location
  • Break room for all to enjoy
  • High-traffic locations
  • Luxurious surroundings
  • And a staff, on-site, eager to handle any problems or questions.

Salon & Spa Galleria is basically the top of the food chain when it comes to spa suites for rent.  It is the standard you should shoot for when looking to rent a spa suite,.  Even if you don’t live in Fort Worth, you can use Salon & Spa Galleria as something to compare other locations with, and then you can make an informed decision before signing a lease.

The bottom line on this discussion:  there are average spa suites for rent around the United States, and then there are elite spa suites for rent.  Both kinds will lease you a suite, no problem; but what else will they do for you?

You deserve the best! Whether you live in Fort Worth or not, you deserve Salon & Spa Galleria!