You Want To Own A Salon Studio, part 1

By October 22, 2020Salon Spa Blog
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Part One:  How to write a Salon Studio Business Plan.

The Business Plan Map:

On the road to successful ownership of a salon studio, a stylist should not journey down without first understanding what lies ahead.  The business plan will reveal the idea of weak spots.  Professional’s advice that scrutinizing your wild dreams ensures they are doable.  Though the perfect proposal focuses on opportunities and defines possible risks, it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Think of keeping it real and straightforward.  Follow the following layout to help organize your plan.

Business Summary:

The summary will define the company and give an outline of why your expectations of success. The subtopics for consideration:

  • Statement of Mission – a single concise line of explanation of the intended business goal.
  • Product or Products – A service summary
  • Locations – The right spot why your salon will include the demographics of the projected clientele.

Salon Suite Business Description:

Here is where you have bragging rights. The competitive advantages will be detail here. You will then identify the specific factors that make your salon suite shine.  Investing your time and money into a salon and suites project, it’s essential to know and understand the outcome you are expecting, weather, or weather, not its profit-driven.

Salon rental structure, such as sole proprietor or a formed partnership, will be identified in the description.  You have the choice option to incorporate as a C corporation or as an S corporation. Each incorporation option holds special taxation rules for the business.  Professional salon owners advise that a legal professional is not mandatory to hire though it would be advisable to seek clarification, so there is no overwhelming confusion with the rhetoric.

Beauty Salon Suite Market Analysis:

It’s a reliable essential to have a general understanding of the beauty industry along with particular target markets.  Identify strengths of like-minded beauty salon suite competitors in your area. You will want to make it understood the niche’ that will set you apart and make you even better.  Graphs of marketing and sales provide a breakdown basics of how to engage clients and turn the engagement into actual profit.  A note:  understand that social media trends will make this a progressing strategy. Other advertising patterns can affect profit strategy projections.

Salon Suite Rental Financial Costing:

If you don’t understand the numbers, you will find it’s helpful to have someone that is good with spreadsheets and cash flows.  If wanting to solicit funding, be specific in the amount needed.  You will need to show money allocation the where and how you will payback.  The primary goal:  Persuade lenders and investors that you will be a particular investment.

Let us recommend that you get or work with a bookkeeper or accountant to run through finances.  Key factors that you will want to run through: Consider rent expenses, prices of goods sold, and daily costs of operations.

For Part two of the series, the key factors we will examine – revenue progress plus projected downtime before targeting profits.

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