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How Much Is A Boothe Rental Salon For Estheticians

By March 26, 2020Blog
A salon room rental is a sound financial decision

As an esthetician in a booth rental salon with Salon and Spa Galleria, you have the ability to run every characteristic of your business. Preference of lifestyle the esthetician can choose to remain comfortable working for an existing company, rent a space in a salon or spa suite, and be your own boss. The Salon Suite rental system is fast becoming a popular option for young and go-get-em’ entrepreneurs looking to make a legacy.  The rental system limits the start-up cost while obtaining the opportunity to maximize earnings.

Are you trying to find salon that fits you and your style? We could be the answer for which you are looking.

We would love to offer a tour of any 9 of our locations. We welcome all types of beauty industry professionals. Each artist, technician, or hairstylist can operate a business within a business. As a business owner who is responsible and in control of promoting and marketing the services, we provide the tools to get you started.  All of our suites are move-in ready. Each salon studio also comes with a 32 in flat screen tv with spectrum cable hook up to enjoy your free time, or for your clients’ entertainment.

Are you thinking about the cost? We could be the answer to this, too.

Some estheticians still enjoy working as employees. For the ones that are looking for the freedom and the capability to make more profit will make the change to a spa booth rental. Salon and Spa Galleria rental model allows the flexibility for the professional to choose the cost based on the size. The average cost of a salon lease is between $200 and $400 per week. We can beat this cost. Our prices start as low as $50.

Are you wondering about the benefits? We have your answer.

Renting a salon or spa suite in a thriving location may assist you in building new clientele. We have 9 DFW fantastic locations for you to choose from. However, the most important benefit is the ability to be a business owner that sets the hours of operation without the substantial start-up cost of opening a salon or spa. Does keeping everything you make after paying just rent, the only overhead outside of your expenses for your supplies, sound enticing? Then be a boss who is an ambitious self-starter highly motivated, social media savvy and goal-oriented, all while delivering consistently excellent services. While the client is on your chair and you’re creating magic and transforming them, into a skincare model for a salon room rental business.  The clients can also enjoy free Wi-Fi.

Signing with us will get you a personal webpage on the Salon and Spa Galleria website. We provide the ability to customize the webpage to use as one of your marketing tools. We focus on helping you succeed as our business.

Contact either one of our salon managers at 972.691.7300 to set up a tour and see for yourself all the great opportunities that we offer. Let us help you achieve your dream while you join a family of beauty professional entrepreneurs just like you.