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Low Cost Marketing Strategies When Renting A Salon Suite Rental

By December 8, 2021Blog
rent a salon suite

Without a doubt the biggest concern we hear of from those thinking of diving into a salon suite rental is the cost, not only of the rental but also miscellaneous costs like insurance, marketing, utilities, and taxes.

A discussion about all of those needs more space than one article will allow, so today we are going to talk about low-cost marketing strategies for those renting a salon booth rental or salon suite rental.

We are Salon & Spa Galleria, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with twelve salon room rental locations. Call us at 972-691-7300 for more money-saving ideas and to arrange to tour one of our quality facilities.

Now, though, let’s talk about saving you money in marketing/advertising.

The first and most important marketing strategy

We put this first because we firmly believe it is the most important marketing strategy you can have: provide outstanding service from your booth rental salon and let word-of-mouth carry you to success.

Nothing spreads the word about your business like good service and great product.  Never underestimate the value of consistently good customer service.  One happy customer tells another, and another happy customer tells two others, and a month into business, without spending a penny on marketing, you have three new customers and yes, it is that simple and yes, it works!  You are the face of your business.  Treat your customers like royalty and they will reward you with recommendations.

Social Media Campaign

We live in a social media world.  Your webpage is the online face of your business, and your knowledge of, and use of, social media sites like Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter will drive online traffic your way.  If you know very little about social media and SEO, learn starting today.  And if you are one of our clients, we will work with you on your social media campaign, and even provide you with your own webpage on our website.

Press Release

Let the local newspapers know that you have opened a business. Keep telling them about your business.  A simple press release, like the one provided by Salon & Spa Galleria to all of our clients, will provide you with free press.

Embrace the guerilla

We highly recommend that you learn about guerilla marketing techniques.  There are too many for us to list them here, but you can pick up a book at the library which will provide you with hundreds of low-cost, and free, marketing ideas.

Create a marketing plan

Take a few hours and create a marketing plan like the 26-step plan we provide to our clients at Salon & Spa Galleria. This will give you a blueprint to follow as you begin to grow your business, and it will keep you on task in your marketing pursuits.  It costs you nothing to make, but provides you with future customers.

Marketing workshops

Check out local community colleges for marketing workshops. It will cost you a few bucks to attend, but they will provide you with some great ideas.  By the way, Salon & Spa Galleria provides our clients with monthly marketing workshops.

A word about Salon & Spa Galleria

What more can we tell you? We are locally owned and operated, we have twelve highly-successful locations, with more in the planning stage, and we are very successful.  If you are in the Fort Worth area, call us today. We will arrange for a tour, answer your questions, and put you in your own salon rental for a very low cost.