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Nail Salon Suites The Right Choice

By November 14, 2019Blog
beauty salon suites available

What is the difference in nail salon suites and a nail salon chair? This is a great question, before giving the answer, we will have to revisit the past. Keep reading on and then call 972-691-7300 for more information.

Back in the day, as some would say, a nail professional could be found renting a chair from a local salon owner. Meaning the professional would have to pay commission for every client and beauty product that they had, leaving only the professional a percentage of the profits made by their hard work.

Can you say Financial Freedom?

This is what is delivered by renting a nail salon suite. Let’s face it as a nail professional working the nail salon chair approach would possibly never see the day they could afford their own beauty salon. The salon suite rental business model is a revitalizing approach to give the freedom that a nail tech deserves. The model is providing the professional an ability to open a business on a low and affordable rental amount as small as fifty dollars. Wow! Some would say that there is no way to open a new business without a substantial investment.

Salon and Spa Galleria we want to buck the system and provide a means to allow entrepreneur minded individuals to say welcome to my salon suites business. What a feeling for you the nail professional to know that the day has arrived at financial freedom you are a business owner in control of your future.

How about the other salon expenses?

Salon and Spa Galleria has that covered, too. We are basically a turnkey setup. Being a place designed where salon booth rentals and a nail booth rental are available for leasing, and we provide the entire retail storefront expenses. A furnished amenity like 24/7 hour access allows the entrepreneur beauty professional to give the flexibility to schedule their late working clients. The amenities like utilities, security monitoring, washer and dryers, HDTV in all of our suites, marketing assistance, and many more all things that would be considered ‘overhead’ is our provision to tenants owners. You bring what equipment and supplies you need then put up the OPEN sign, and you are in business. If you need help with the equipment, we have provision for that as well. We designed it so that you could succeed. Your own limitation is your imagination.

Clients are essential, so…

You want to provide them the service that only you can give them excellence. Nail technicians recognize and know how important for the client to have beautifully polished nails. Having their own private nail salon booth provides the client with the relaxing and pampering they will not soon forget. Microblading artist wants to deliver the optimum salon suite experience allowing the client to become a repeat return.

Salon and Spa Galleria is locally owned and operated. A salon and spa suite rental is a time-tested successful business model that is working for hundreds of beauty professionals and will work for you, too.

So the choice is right… for a change.

Call us at 972-691-7300 and set up a tour and meeting with the salon manager.