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Overcome Salon Suite Slow Summers

By August 15, 2019Blog
Is there a best time to rent a salon suite for rent?

With it being that time of year for back to school, a salon suite will be the perfect place to find the hairstylist.  Keep reading for tips to market and make the most of summer slowness.

The First Signs

Of availability for a salon studio to get their name out, there is the start of the summer. Start using social media to track vacation times.  Vacations mean lots of sun, ocean waters and then with whatever is in it pool waters. Also, keeping in mind that the parents are not looking to do anything with the kids other than start that planned a vacation and get that much-needed trim. Using the social media platform start mentioning the hair products that your salon studio has available to provide hair care tips on the traveling hair. While marketing the products do some clientele data collection. See if you can gather information such as a name, email, and phone number.

End of Summer Vacation Beauty Salon

Make your salon suite the go-to place for the end of the summer hair vacation location. With the data collection information, you will want to start a plan to send out emails with salon specials for hair care products and hairstyles and cuts. As we all know with the busyness of getting kids back to school, the last thing is the haircuts and styles you will want to make it easier for parents to find your salon suite. Access social media to launch your specials and provide information that will help to inquiring moms to find a salon.

Reminders to make the most of slow season

The reminders that all start showing up marking the end of summer are the discount sales and then the big one is the Tax-Free weekend. Tax-Free weekend announcements are the warning sign for the salon suite owners to start marketing the salons’ products and haircuts and styles. The plan for the salon suite business owner/marketing manager is convenience while parents are out and about shopping make exclusive availability for tax-free weekend. Reminding the parents, they will need more than the trim it will be time for sharp freshness that a haircut and style brings for the kids. An important factor for parents is to maintain the sharp freshness will be completed with hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners. For those new in style looks the gels and hairspray are going to be mandatory.

Salon and Spa Galleria suite life

Salon Suites renting with Salon and Spa Galleria can also help to make the most out of summer slowness. Providing 9 locations to lease from in the Arlington, Alliance, Bedford, Fort Worth, and Haltom City having all the Tarrant county area is covered. Our many amenities, along with a low weekly rental fee, make it easy on the slow summer budget.

With many sales and tax-free weekend coming up you will want to advantage of back to school specials.

And don’t forget to contact us at 972-691-7300 to set up a tour and talk to a salon manager to take advantage of our current lease specials.