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The Hats Off Hair Studio

By September 3, 2020Salon Spa Blog

So now you have to decide, “wear the hat or not?”

The hair studio hairstylist did such a good job of styling your hair you really hate to cover it up. Though you love your new hat, so what do you do? You love your hat better than the grey hair.

Thinking if you were a little older maybe you would not mind all the grey but you are not and you do not want to be that grey or at least not yet!

The booth rental salon stylist made you look twenty years younger. The trilby you bought does really good at covering the grey so you will wear it. And wear it proud! It makes you look fashionable and younger!  Heading out to your favorite restaurant you start thinking about all the hats that are on the market today there are a lot of hats out there and you now own one of the all-time favorite hats, a Trilby.

On Sunday afternoon, you would see Tom Landry standing on the sideline wearing his signature accessory the legendary Fedora. From the sideline, direct his coaches, hoping that the play would result in a touchdown, he could be seen always wearing his fedora.  A trilby was made a fashionable accessory by boy bands.  There are the snapbacks, ballcaps, flat caps, Panama hats, dad caps, and the newsboys no matter which way you look at it, hats are to be fashion accessory, not a hair cover-up.

Back to the question, “wear the hat or not?”

After a visit with your favorite stylist in their hair salon suite, let the answer be a resounding no. The beauty professional you took the time to schedule an appointment with, works hard making magic for your hairstyle.  Your hairstyle is their calling card or brand statement for their salon.  Is it the grey hair that requires the cover-up? Schedule the cover-up for coloring with your hairstylist not use a hat.

If you have that day, you know the one that is known as a ‘bad hair day.’ Then a hat of any kind or your choice is best. Now you could try to see if your hairstylist might be able to fit you in if not hop right over to a salon and suite location and do a walk-in option get the next hairstylist to tame that crazy hair or style around your hat. Hair is considered a fashion statement as quickly as a hat.

You can trust a beauty professional who is renting a salon suite. They are independent entrepreneurs who have made it a business based on their unique flair for fashion and style. If you are looking for that unforgettable hairstyle or color, these beauty professionals always deliver. As they grow their business, they are always looking to grow professionally with certifications with companies that provide colors and teach the latest trends in celebrity hairstyles. So bring a picture of that fresh hairstyle or/and color and leave the hat at home.

Either way, to wear the hat or not? You can always look fresh.

For the beauty professionals wanting to provide your unique flair for fashion to clients will open their salon. Salon and Spa Galleria will give the salon setting and location. Call now and speak with one of our two salon managers to book a tour in one of our 9 locations.

Pick up the phone and dial the digits, 817.917.1416 or 817.823.7105 and come and take a look.