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Beauty Salon Suite

By October 16, 2018June 14th, 2024Salon Suites
Salon & Spa Galleria offers alternatives to salon suites in Dallas

If you are wanting to rent a beauty salon suite, you will have no problem finding many to choose from.

We have a slightly different idea in mind, however, one which might make more sense for you.  Interested? Call us at (817) 823-7105. We are Salon & Spa Galleria and we hold your key to success with beauty salons for rent.

Why work for the beauty salon owner, when you can be your own boss. Rent a beauty salon suite, set your own prices and hours. After all, you will be the boss and control your future.

Which brings us to Salon & Spa Galleria . . .

And beauty salon suites we offer!

Salon and Spa Galleria has ten convenient locations in the Fort Worth area.  We have the longest list of amenities in the business. We are locally owned and operated. And we are determined to see you succeed.

We offer salon booth rentals with the nicest package of freebies you will ever see in this industry.

Free At Salon And Spa Galleria

Everyone loves the word free. But they love it even more if the free items are a benefit to their business. Check out a few of our FREE benefits.

  • free utilities
  • free state of the art equipment for your beauty salon suite
  • free HDTV
  • free WiFi
  • free web page on our highly publicized website
  • free press release
  • free washer and dryer
  • free marketing program and support
  • free full-time concierge
  • free 24/7 access to your luxury salon suite.

What do you think of our FREE benefits? Have we peaked your interest? Are you ready to own your own beauty salon suite? Contact us to view one of our model suites today.


All you pay for is the small beauty salon suite leasing fee (as low as $50 per week) and your supplies.

Why not rent a beauty salon suite in the Fort Worth Design District?  You can be in the newest business pocket neighborhood in the Fort Worth area, situated in one of the fastest growing commercial areas in the entire United States? That’s what we are offering at our Salon and Spa Galleria in the Alliance Area, located in the Box Office Warehouse Suites business park, just off the Golden Triangle exit of the interstate.

Here’s what the Alliance area brings to the table for discussion:

  • Minutes from dining & shopping at Alliance Town Center & Presido Junction
  • One of the fastest growing area in the DFW Metroplex
  • 50,000 households within five miles
  • Average household income of $100,849
  • Total population within 3 miles of 47,417
  • 14,609 households within 3 miles.

And the Alliance location of Salon & Spa Galleria is just one of ten to choose from. We also have locations sprinkled across Tarrant County, all with great suite rental prices, and all with the same great list of amenities.

We are Salon & Spa Galleria.  We are in the business of helping people like you succeed in business, and for our money there is no better way to succeed than to work in Tarrant County, Texas.

Call us today at (817) 823-7105! Or better yet, use our contact form to send us an email.