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Salon Suite Rental Grapevine

By November 7, 2018Salon Suites
Salon chair rental Fort Worth available to lease at Salon & Spa Galleria

Looking or a salon suite rental Grapevine is as easy as calling (817) 823-7105.  That number will connect you with a representative of Salon & Spa Galleria in Grapevine, and all of your questions will be answered.  Pick up the phone now!

What is Salon & Spa Galleria?

Salon and Spa Galleria Grapevine TX is a company which has ten locations in the Greater Fort Worth area, and at each location you can lease a salon suite from which you can run your own mini-beauty shop.  The one in Grapevine is located at 3549 Grapevine Mills Parkway, near the Grapevine Mall, but there are other locations in Fort Worth, Mansfield, Bedford, Arlington, and the Alliance Area in unincorporated North Fort Worth.

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Why select Salon & Spa Galleria for a salon booth rental?

If there was one, quick, easy answer to that question, the answer would be this:  because Salon & Spa Galleria basically gives you everything you need to open your own business.  All you are required to pay is the weekly or monthly lease.  All you are required to purchases are the tools of your trade and whatever product you sell while plying your trade.  And Salon and Spa Galleria does the rest.

This is a true salon suite rental turnkey operation!  Whatever equipment you need in your salon booth rental is provided for you.  Salon and Spa also provides an HDTV, WiFi, a washer and dryer on site, a full-time concierge, security monitoring, a marketing package including your own personal web page and press release, a happy on-premise staff, a break room and, as if that weren’t enough, they also pay for the utilities.  You, on the other hand, decorate your salon suite to match your vision, and you provide your talent and skills.

Literally within weeks of signing your lease on your salon suite rental,  you are in business for yourself.

And there are some leases, at select locations, with salon suite rental prices for as little as $50 per week.

Read that again . . . fifty bucks per week, or the cost of one or two customers for your entire overhead.

So let’s break that down financially.  Let’s say you have a modest business as you are just getting started.  Let’s say you take care of ten customers during your average week, and the average billing per customer is around $50.  That means your billing totals $500.  Subtract from that your salon booth lease of $50, and you have a weekly profit of $450, or $1800 per month.  Obviously you are going to have more than ten customers in a week, but that gives you an idea of how profitable Salon & Spa Galleria can be for you.

Salon & Spa Galleria is locally owned and operated, and there are more locations being built as we speak.  Even if you don’t live in the Grapevine/Fort Worth area, this is an opportunity worth considering.  It just might be worth it, financially, for you to move to Fort Worth or Grapevine to take advantage of this great business model.

You have your cell phone and you have a number to call. What in the world are you waiting for?  Salon & Spa Galleria is standing by, ready to make your dreams a reality.