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Benefits Of Renting A Booth In A Salon

By July 18, 2019Salon Spa Blog
salon suite rental

Ever wonder what renting a booth in a salon is all about?  Want to know about the benefits if you choose to go the route of a booth renter?  Let’s go on an adventure as show you the benefits of renting a booth. You have built and grown your skills.

Your confidence has improved and your inner entrepreneur desires more and dreaming bigger.   Here are a few of the benefits you gain from renting a booth or suite versus working for a salon owner.  And if are ready to take a dream big leap of faith and contact us, we are Salon and Spa Galleria a leader in the industry of salon leasing.  Call 972-691-7300 and speak to the concierge, Terry.

Who Is The Boss

One of the greatest benefits of renting a booth is that you are essentially your own boss.  In wanting more control of your… time, earning and your clientele.  These elements would be missing in a commission earning salon.  Rather than turning over a percentage of your earnings, you pay a flat rate.  Then going from there it’s up to you to set your schedule and even set your prices.   In a salon booth rental, you have no responsibilities for maintaining the facilities.  Your space is your only cleaning responsibility.  As all independent business owners…. responsibilities are managing your clientele, inventory, and supplies. Know this as the upside all this belongs to you.

Salon Choosing You Like

In building your own business and expanding your clientele, the choice is clear… choose a salon that will and can help you to build a good reputation.  A salon leasing company such as Salon and Spa Galleria encourages you to decorate your workspace to reflect you, knowing that your behavior reflects on your workspace and business.  The choices of salon suites leasing company are to suit your aesthetic, your clientele and career goals.

The Flexibility Element

Not every salon fits perfectly with every stylist.  So when you rent a booth or salon suite there is the flexibility element of moving to either of Salon and Spa Galleria 9 luxurious location. Rent a salon room in Fort Worth then decide to move to build clientele to a salon booth rental in Grapevine.  No more struggle to gain clientele or clashing with another stylist.

Who Doesn’t Want Freebies

A salon booth for rent provides what everyone wants freebies… the benefit of many salons seeking stylist to lease space a willingness to compete for your business.  Freebies are offered in a variety of ways, opportunities for free rent for a set number of weeks, providing a personal web page and marketing programs, and free complimentary WiFi and entertainment possibilities…HDTV and cable services) these options for the enjoyment of your clients.

Promotion Control

There is freedom in renting a booth or suite it’s your time, your autonomy and your business.  Your options include running your own promotions, discount offers, deals or coupons and or starting a referral program.  And there’s no checking with the salon owner beforehand, or making sure this keeps in line with the salon owner promoted image… you are the image maker of the salon.

You have to admit these benefits are enticing!

So, enticing that you’re going to call 972-691-7300 and schedule your tour with one of our salon managers.